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See below for a list of new and upcoming projects the Emergency Planning Secretariat will be part of!

Regional Geohazard Assessment

LiDAR Survey and Geohazard Inventory
Following the 2021 atmospheric river event, FNESS, EPS and BGC Engineering have been supporting geohazard assessments for affected FN communities.

This includes:

  • LiDAR and orthoimagery interpretation

  • Topographic LiDAR change detection

  • Preliminary mapping of recently active or changed geohazards

New or recently reactivated geohazards were considered in the Eastern Fraser Valley including:

  • Flood inundation

  • Bank erosion

  • Debris flows and debris floods

  • Landslides

Project contacts:
Gillian Fuss, Program Manager: 

Our Partners

Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance Climate Change Adaptation Project 


This projects supports member Nations in planning for, and dealing with, the impacts of climate change on their fisheries.



Project Contact: Ian Hamilton, ian.hamilton@lffa.caJanice Kwo,

West Coast Environmental Law and Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance
Revitalizing Indigenous Law 


Legal Traditions of the Peoples of the Lower Fraser
This legal synthesis, and its summary consolidates the year-long learning of what stories, both sxwōxwiyám/ sx̌ʷəx̌ʷəyém (‘stories of the distant past’ or ‘tell stories’) and sqwélqwel/ sqʷelqʷəl (‘true news’ or ‘oral stories’) and Elder’s knowledge teaches us about Indigenous laws related to watershed management and fisheries governance in the Lower Fraser. 

RELAW Project 

Project Contacts:
Leah Ballantyne
Rayanna Seymour,

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