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Lower Mainland Flood Hazard Scoping

The goal of the Lower Mainland Flood Hazard Scoping Project is to better understand the current state of floodplain mapping and community needs for First Nations and local governments. Results will help establish priorities for future floodplain mapping. The Project scope is within the Lower Mainland and Squamish-Lillooet Regional District.

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Project Contact:

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The Project

The flooding and landslide events of 2021-2022 in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia demonstrated the need for a new approach to emergency response and recovery.  Both local governments and First Nation communities have been under pressure to develop recovery plans with varying levels of capacity and resources and with little to no opportunity for collaboration. 

The availability, coverage, consistency, and quality of publicly accessible floodplain mapping requires modernization across the province. As part of this modernization, the Province is working to understand the current flood mapping activities and community needs to identify future floodplain mapping projects. This study’s community-driven approach will help determine what future mapping activities should be carried out in an efficient and equitable way. The project will reach out directly to First Nations and local governments in the study area to understand:

  • What is currently happening:

    • What floodplain mapping work may have already happened or is underway in the area?

    • Does your community have access to this data? Want access to it?

  • What needs communities have that are not currently happening when it comes to data:

    • What floodplain mapping do you think is most needed at your community level?

    • What knowledge gaps do you think need to be filled first and why?

    • Recommendations to province on mapping/modeling needs?

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