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Emergency Response & Management

For emergencies, please contact:  |  604-308-1048
or 778-795-0724

In an Emergency . . .


Activate community Emergency Operations Centre

This can be done by the community Chief or Counsillor, Band Manager, Emergency Management Coordinator, or whomever is indicated in your emergency management plan.

Contact Emergency Response Team:, 604-798-4519, 604-819-8748

**The community does NOT need to declare a state of local emergency**



Acquire Task Number

Call: 1-888-663-3456


A task number will enable your community to be compensated for resources spent on response.

Ensure you are on Coordination Calls hosted by EMCR by contacting local EMCR representative or emailing


Identify your

Community's needs

This includes what can or cannot be funded by EMCR. 


Staffing, equipment, meals and supplies required to operate your community Emergency Operations Centre which can be funded by EMCR.

Gather your emergency management plans, checklists, communications, equipment and supplies as needed.

Keep informed and connected with agency services around the region
BC River Forecast CentreProvides info on snowpack, water supply, flood risk, & predicts flows in BC rivers and streams
Prepared BCProvides emergency preparedness information, social media packages, downloadable guides and fill-in-the-blank plans to help you prepare for emergencies.
BC Wildfire ServiceProvides an updated map of current wildfires and a list of resources available

What are Hazards in BC?


Earthquakes are perhaps the most dangerous of all natural hazards. British Columbia alone experiences, on average, 450 minor earthquakes every year. 


Drought can be dangerous to the majority of communities, and can have a dangerous impact on our food supply and forests! Many disasters and problems arise with the onset of drought.


Floods are the most costly natural disasters in BC in terms of property and environmental damage. They can occur in any region, in the countryside or in cities, at virtually any time of the year.

Forest Fires

The province of BC is experiencing the worst forest fire season in history, with over one million hectares burnt to date in July. Close to 150 new fires were detected within a single 48 hour period.


Landslides wreak havoc across BC as dry conditions followed by major rainfall cause the land to shift. This destroys integral infrastructure, spawning habitats, and living communities. 

Heat Domes

Across the province of BC during the extreme heatwave in 2021, an upwards 600 deaths were reported over a seven day period.

Does Your Community Need
Emergency Management Supplies?

EPS has partnered with FAST (First Aid and Survival Technologies Ltd.) to provide specialized emergency management products branded with your community's logo,  including:

  • ​ICS/EOC colour-coded identification vests

  • Community Reception Centre kit

  • Traffic Control Kit

  • And other custom products - or let us know what you'd like to equip your EM program and we'll look for it!

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